Supershine brand has experienced constant rapid growth
over the past ten years. Over the last ten years, Supershine
had an average annual growth of 22%. Most of this growth
is due to its continuous business expansion in new
territories and at the same time increase in productivity
and supply chain.

Future outlook

For the near future, Supershine will continue its emphasis on cost
control and productivity improvement. Supershine will continue
streamlining its supply chain, which will only add to continued solid
sales performance and earnings growth in coming years.


The brand expects to benefit from introducing new products in
refinish category and further expansion, globally.

Supershine brand promoting companies pride themselves in forming
innovative relationships within its organization; with suppliers and
customers; and between domestic and international units.

Supershine's brand success is tied to materializing corporate
philosophy, through the introduction of new products and inventions
into the AutoRefinish industry.